Operating range

  • Preferably for the take-up of multi-cores in narrow reel winding
  • When there is a need for concentricity and winding processes with high loads
  • Compatible with automatic usage
  • For any type of cores ≥ Ø 70 mm
  • For a take-up of thin and sensitive cores

Characteristic features

  • Easily pneumatically actuated
  • Mechanically-concentric expansion for reel take-up
  • Robust construction for a long serviceable life
  • Core-friendly
Characteristic features
  • Pneumatically generated pushing force by means of pneumatic cylinder or pneum.-hydr. amplifier
  • Mechanically-concentric expansion movement of gripping shells by means of principle of incline
  • Spring-assisted restricted reset of gripping shells
  • Exchangeable gripping shells made of metal, also available with polyurethane-covering
  • Base material: steel or special materials
Expansion method - Mechanic centrical
Gripping shells
Winding cores
Any kind as e.g. cardboard, plastic, metal
Nominal diameter - Winding core ≥ 70 mm
Slit with of multi-reels - minimum Reel take-up - Narrow reels ≥ 10 mm
Concentricity for winding Concentric tolerance ≥ 0,2 mm
Actuation tools
Air-pistol, deflation tool
Actuation method - Pneumatic


  1. Carrier tube
  2. Air supply (rotating union)
  3. Actuation cylinder / amplifier
  4. Push rod
  5. Chuck
  6. Clamping shells
  7. Gripping jaw
  8. T-ramp
  9. Reset spring

3D-sectional view, Winding Shafts, Serie 2340

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