Operating range

  • Usage within shaftless winders and as a trunnion for cantilevered reel take-up
  • Appropriate for automatic use
  • For any type of cores ≥ Ø 70 mm
  • for a take-up of thin and sensitive cores

Characteristic features

  • Self-actuated permanent mechanical expansion for a concentric core-tightening
  • Variably expanded gripping jaws equalise the tolerances of the cores
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance
Characteristic features
  • Mechanical actuation by means of automatic spring-loaded gripping jaws
  • Mechanically-concentric expansion movement of gripping shells by means of principle of incline
  • Pneumatic activation for the return movement of the expansion mechanism
  • Restricted reset of the gripping shells
  • General, customized construction in modular design
  • Options: Core extractor, contact ring
Gripping shells
Expansion method - Mechanic-centrical
Winding cores
Any kind as e.g. cardboard, plastic, metal
Nominal diameter - Winding core ≥ 50 mm
Slit with of multi-reels - minimum
(only for winding trunnions)
Reel take-up - Multi-reel (slit width ≥ 100 mm) ≥ 210 mm
Concentricity for winding Concentric tolerance ≥ 0,2 mm
Actuation tools
  • Air-pistol, deflation tool
Actuation method - Pneumatic  
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  1. Chuck housing
  2. Chuck
  3. Clamoing shells
  4. Gripping jaw
  5. T-ramp
  6. Pressure springs for actuation
  7. Pneumatic cylinder ,*in this case one-piece with chuck
  8. Pneumatic piston
  9. Sealing elements

3D Sectional view, Winding Chucks and Winding Trunnions, Serie 3540

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