Operating range

  • Usage within shaftless unwinders
  • Suitable construction for narrow reels
  • For any type of cores with inner diameter ≥ Ø 70 mm

Characteristic features

  • Automatic mechanical function
  • Mechanically-concentric expansion
  • Simple, low maintenance construction
  • Low costs of spare parts
Characteristic features
  • Mechanically operated by means of web tension and load
  • Mechanically-concentric expansion movement of gripping segments
  • Automatic reset of gripping segments after finishing the winding process
Expansion method - Mechanic-centrical
Gripping segment
Winding cores
Any kind as e.g. cardboard, plastic, metal
Nominal diameter - Winding core ≥ 70 mm
Single reel take-up Reel take-up - Single reel
Concentricity for winding Concentric tolerance ≥ 0,5 mm
Actuation tools
Not necessary; by means of web tension mechanically self-actuated
Optional: Spanntec CMS (Condition Monitoring System)
Digital system for condition monitoring of reel tightening units which ensures maximum process reliability More information
Spanntec CMS Icon mit Netz schwarz


  1. Wickelkopfgehäuse
  2. Grundkörper mit Polygon
  3. Spannsegment
  4. Rückstellfeder
  5. Deckel

3D Sectional view, Winding Chucks and Winding Trunnions, Serie 3250

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