Operating range

  • Differential shaft for multi-reel-rewinding of materials of unequal thickness
  • Used on centre-driven slitters and re-reeling machines with longitudinal section
  • For cardboard and plastic cores ≥ Ø 55 mm

Characteristic features

  • Ball-bearing friction-rings; mechanical core clamping – transmitted frictional function
  • Simple positioning of winding core sections
  • Saves set-up time
  • Individual web tension control
  • The rewind station has to be provided with an automatic web tension control, web tension measuring and automatic control of air supply
Characteristic features
  • Winding core sections positioned by means of spring assisted balls within the friction rings
  • Ball-bearing friction rings made of steel
  • Permanent air supply, controlled relative to web tension and reel diameter
  • Controlled torque transmission by means of pneumatical expansion of friction rails
  • The core is gripped by means of the balls in the friction ring when web tension is applied in the winding direction
  • The core is free to move against the winding direction when web tension is removed
  • Internal and covered multi-bladder-system
Ball-bearing friction-rings
Expansion method - Mechanic-centrical
Expansion method - Pneumatic
Clamping rails
Winding cores
Quality cores of cardboard or plastic
Nominal diameter - Winding core ≥ 55 mm
Slit with of multi-reels - minimuml Reel take-up - Single reel ≥ 10 mm
Concentricity for winding Concentric tolerance ≥ 0,1 mm
Actuation tool
Controlled permanent air supply


  1. Carrier shaft
  2. Air supply
  3. Friction rail
  4. Flat rubber tube
  5. Filler neck
  6. Clamping parts
  7. Friction ring
  8. Distance disc

3D Sectional view, Bottom-Knife Shafts and Friction Shafts, Serie 2170

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