Operating range

  • Handling device for shafts up to 300 kgs and 4 meters length
  • Low expenditure of force during the insert or pick of the winding shaft

Characteristic features

  • Ergonomic shaft handling
  • Multistage travelling gear
  • Sensitive adjustable lifting unit
  • Hydraulically actuated safety locking clamping mechanism
Characteristic features
  • Mobile lift- and carrying device cantilevered shaft pick-up
  • Push into resp. pull out of the reel
  • Take and turn over into the winder
  • Easily moved
  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Individual shaft pick-up
Operation - manuel
Shaft position cantilevered
Axis of movement - horizontal free and vertical
Operation - hydraulic Batterie powered
Application data Max. load
  • Shaft weight
  • Shaft length
  • Shaft diameter
  • Individual vertical stroke
WM ≤ 150 kg
WL ≤ 3000 mm
W ≥ 50 mm
hmin: 150 mm
hmax: 1500 mm
WM ≤ 300 kg
WL ≤ 4000 mm
W ≥ 50 mm
hmin: 300 mm
hmax: 1800 mm
Horizontal adjustment of pick-up plate
horizontal adjusment of pick-up plate


  1. Mobile Shaftpuller A. Chassis manually moveable B. Chassis with multistage, electrically driven travelling gear
  2. Lifting mechanism A. with hand-operated hydraulic B. electro-hydraulic lifting unit
  3. Shaft take-up A. manual shaft clamping unit B. hydraulic shaft clamping device

A. Mobile manual Shaftpuller A.- Mobile manual Shaftpuller

B. Mobile, electrically operated Shaftpuller (battery-powered) Mobile, electrically operated Shaftpuller (battery-powered)

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