Operating range

  • Handling unit for shafts up to 100 kgs and 2,5 meters length
  • Convenient for frequent working cycles and short cycle times

Characteristic features

  • Excellent ergonomics
  • High operating speed and direct control
  • Low space requirement
  • Sensitive electro-hydraulic lifting unit
  • Flexible assembly variants
Characteristic features
  • Stationary lift- and carrying unit for cantilevered shaft pick-up
  • Pick-up to or pull out of the reel
  • Take and turn over into the winder
  • Electro hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Cantilevered arm with easy running but retarding triple link
  • Individual shaft pick-up
  • Operator's control panel
Stationary Operation - Manuel
Shaft position - Cantilevered Axis of movement - Horizontal free and vertical
Electric batterie Operation - Hydraulic
Application data Max. load
  • Shaft weight
  • Shaft length
  • Shaft diameter
  • Individual vertical stroke

  • Pivoting radius
  • Pivoting angle
W ≥
100 kg
2500 mm
50 mm
400 mm
1500 mm
3,5 m
270 °


  1. Shaftlifter-column
  2. Electro hydraulic lifting mechanism
  3. Cantilevered arm with triple link
  4. Pick-up plate with operator’s control panel


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