Operating range

  • Handling of heavy winding shafts and reel-spools

Characteristic features

  • Adapted to individual environment conditions
  • Flexible assembly variants
  • Partly automatable
  • Possible integration into process control systems
Characteristic features
  • Stationary device for cantilevered shaft pick-up to push into or pull out of the reel
  • Individual design of shaft take-up
  • A Column design
    B With slideway
    C Column design and additional reel carriage
Shaft position - Cantilevered Operation - Manuel
Operation - Hydraulic Electric batterie
Stationary Axis of movement - vertical
Slideway Horizontal and vertical
Rollentransportwagen Horizontal and vertical
Application data Max. load
  • Shaft weight [WM]
  • Individual shaft length [WL]
  • Individual shaft diameter [WD]
  • Individual vertical stroke [hmin/hmax]
≤ 1500 kg
  • Partially automatic
  • Integration into process control system
  • Horizontal adjustment of pick-up plate [hq]
Partially automatic Integration into process controll system
Horizontal adjusment of pick-up plate
Additional Components
  • Reel handling: reel turning device, reel lowering device, lifting table
  • Core magazine


  1. Column with vertical lifting unit
  2. Hydraulic shaft-clamping unit
  3. Horizontal movement unit; motor-driven B. Slideway C. Reel carriage steering rollers

Stationary Shaftpuller – column designA. Stationary Shaftpuller – column design

B. Stationary Shaftpuller with slidewayStationary Shaftpuller with slideway

C. Stationärer Shaftpuller – Ständerausführung mit separatem RollentransportwagenC.-Stationärer-Shaftpuller

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