Operating range

  • Preferably used at winding processes for multi-reels
  • For any type of cores ≥ Ø 150 mm

Characteristic features

  • Pneumatic-mechanical pre-centering of winding cores
  • Pneumatically generated gripping force for torque transmission
  • Appropriate for high loads and the need for concentricity
  • Appropriate for an automatic running
  • Simple maintenance
Characteristic features
  • Pneumatically actuated by means of pressurization
  • Clamping rails of polyurethane or aluminium based on inner multi-bladder-system
  • Pre-centering rails of steel, mechanicallyconcentric expanding by means of actuation cylinder
  • Spring-assisted reset
  • Base material: steel or special materials
Expansion method - Pneumatic
Expansion method - Mechanic centrical
Clamping rails
Winding cores
Any kind as e.g. Cardboard, plastic, metal
Nominal diameter - Winding core ≥ 150 mm
Slit with of multi-reels - minimum Reel take-up - Narrow reels ≥ 10 mm
Concentricity for winding Concentric tolerance ≥ 0,2 mm
Actuation tools
Air-pistol, deflation tool
Actuation method - Pneumatic
Optional: Spanntec CMS (Condition Monitoring System)
Digital system for condition monitoring of reel tightening units which ensures maximum process reliability More information
Spanntec CMS Icon mit Netz schwarz


  1. Carrier tube
  2. Valve
  3. Actuation cylinder / amplifier
  4. Push rod
  5. Guiding disc
  6. Guiding key
  7. Incline-rail(Incline)
  8. Pre-centering rail
  9. Clamping rail
  10. Flat rubber tube with protection strip
  11. Filler neck
  12. Clamping parts
  13. Reset spring

Different sealing elements

3D-sectional view, Winding Shafts, Serie 2320

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