Guiding and free-running Roller Tension Sensing Roller and Speed Sensing Roller

Our rollers are enormously versatile. Manufactured to meet your specific requirements, they can be utilised in a broad range of different industries. For manufacturing and processing a vast range of materials and enabling perfect integration into the machines. Their concentric running along with a cost-effective design are highly convincing: our free-running rollers with reduced frictional resistance. The vast range of different surfaces and coatings is the basis for the versatility of our rollers.

  • Very low-friction path rollers
Application and operating range
  • For guiding of web materials within manufacturing and converting machines
  • For use in web tension and speed control applications
  • Roller diameter
  • Total length of roller

≤ 460 mm
≤ 6000 mm
  • Customized manufacturing
  • Individual roller sleeve surface with regards to design and covering
  • Accurate balancing to realize a waveless web flow
  • High concentricity and cylindrical precision
  • Roller sleeve: steel aluminium, CFK-composite material or special materials
  • Surface of roller sleeve: precision turned, ground, spiral-grooved according to customers request Standard of surface finish Rz 12 - RZ25 (DIN3141) hardchrome- or nickel-plated allows a surface finish of Rz 0,2
  • Surface coating according to customers request e. g. rubber, silicon, hardcoated, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, anodised, ceramic overlay, plasma-nitridet
  • Anwendungsspezifische Rundlaufgenauigkeit
  • Concentric balance depending to usage
  • Dynamically balanced (VDI guideline 2060) Standard grade of balance Q6,3 - Q1
  • Bearing journals fitted into the roller sleeve or rotatable mounted on bearings

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