Our control system for smart reel tightening units 4.0

  • Permanent condition monitoring
  • Process data analysis
  • Visual/acoustic warning system in event of disruptions
  • Service and maintenance indicators
  • Foreseeable maintenance
  • Identification system
  • Information tool
  • Statistics module
  • Management of user-specific product attributes
  • Connection (LAN, Bluetooth) – to higher-level process control systems via CMS-Connect; integration of digital operating data – Plug&Play solution via CMS-Cockpit; individual evaluation
  • Central dashboard display of several winding points
  • DE-Patent 10 2012 008 184

Consisting of different components for function:

Spanntec SmartServices Schema

Intelligent reel tightening unit completed with CMS- Sensor and NFC-Tag for permanent condition monitoring via CMS-software
  • Operation pressure control
  • Operation temperature control
  • Tachometer
  • Operating hours control
  • Service indicator
  • Foreseeable maintenance
  • Identification system
  • Management of product attributes
For the complete usage of the Condition Monitoring System CMS the SmartProduct has to be allocated to its designated CMS-Controller
Spanntec SmartProduct Icon

Computer unit with the installed CMS-Software
  • For the analysis of the sensor data of the allocated SpanntecSmartProduct
  • Provides these data for further usage
  • Interface with customer-specific monitoring (Optional available: CMS-Controller “Connect” or CMS-Controller “Cockpit”)
Spanntec CMS-Controller

Monitoring optional / via

Interface with specific higher-level machine control unit (e.g. Siemens Siematic S7 SPS)
Supply of the digitized data for the integration in the comprehensive production process
Spanntec CMS Connect icon
as a Plug&Play-solutio, interface with minimum installation expenditure to display monitor, e. g. smartphone, tablet or PC.
The condition-data evaluation is available for individual visualization
Spanntec-CMS Cockpit icon
Individual visualization of the process data and the specific attributes of the SpanntecSmartProducts
Spanntec-CMS Monitoring icon


  • Recording of operation pressure, temperature, number of revolutions, operating hours, service indicator, control of maintenance interval, identification system, management of product attributes
  • Monitoring of process data with all reel tightening units at a glace
  • Operating data is transferred in real time, analyzed, memorized and afterwards reproduce able


  • Statistics module
  • Recording of variances from the target internal pressure, e. g. caused by a gradual loss of pressure due functional faults or errors during operation
  • Visual and acoustic signal while a critical value has been reached
  • DE-Patent 10 2012 008 184

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