Operating range

  • For reel slitting machines and rewinders for longitudinal slits
  • For bottom-knife-bushes ≥ Ø 50 mm
  • Suitable for a completely provided usage as well as for automatically adjustable sliding assemblies

Characteristic features

  • Exact axial positioning of the taken-up bottom-knife-bushes
  • Saves set-up-time
  • Increased operational dependability
  • Quick set-up of bottom knives
  • Simple maintenance
  • Low costs of spare parts
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Characteristic features
  • High-precision multi bladder system
  • Clamping rails of polyurethane
  • Internal and covered multi-bladder-system
  • Spring assisted reset
  • Base material: steel, hard chrome plated
Expansion method - Pneumatic
Clamping rails
Bottom-knife-bushes / Multiple grooved knife blocks made of steel Nominal diameter - Bottom-knife-bush / inner diameter ≥ 50 mm
Bush- / hub width – minimum Reel take-up - Narrow reels ≥ 10 mm
Concentricity of clamping Concentric tolerance ≥ 0,1 mm
Actuation tools
Air-pistol, deflation tool, permanent air supply
Optional: Spanntec CMS (Condition Monitoring System)
Digital system for condition monitoring of reel tightening units which ensures maximum process reliability More information
Spanntec CMS Icon mit Netz schwarz


  1. Carrier shaft
  2. Air supply
  3. Clamping rail
  4. Flat rubber tube with protection strip
  5. Filler neck
  6. Clamping parts
  7. Reset spring

3D Sectional View, Bottom-Knife Shafts and Friction Shafts, Serie 2111

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