Maximum of Process Reliability realized with SpanntecSmartServices

Recording and storing process data in central control units of cutting-edge-production systems has long been standard procedure in industry. However, winding process operators have been missing out on current data from independent reel tightening units that are crucial to process.With „SpanntecSmartServices“ we integrate as the first manufacturer of expanding shafts and chucks the current data from these important components into complex process control systems while winding process is underway. Once recorded and digitized, basic information can be used to monitor production, streamline workflows and avoid disruptions which helps to ensure quality of final product.

Spanntec Smart Services


Spanntec Service App
  • Identification system (RFID-based)
  • Information tool
  • Spare parts and service management
Spanntec Service App NFC Tag
The intelligent reel tightening unit
  • Sensor-based recording of operating data (including operating pressure, operating hours, speed, temperature)
  • Identification system
  • Information tool
Spanntec Smart Product Icon
The sensory control system of smart reel tightening units
  • Process data analysis
  • Visual/acoustic warning system in event of disruptions
  • Service and maintenance indicators
  • Statistics module
  • Foreseeable maintenance
  • Management of user-specifc product attributes
  • Connection
    - to higher-level process control systems via CMS-Connect; integration of digital operating data
    - Plug&Play solution via CMS-Cockpit; individual evaluation
  • central dashboard display of several winding points
Spanntec CMS Icon
We renew our fair offer…
4 CMS-Sensors to complete your SpanntecSmartProduct €900,-
1 CMS-Controller completed with Software „CMS-Cockpit“ €645,-
1 CMS-Display (Tablett-PC, Lenovo 10“) €315,-

*Vality of price until 31.12.2017